Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I had a really good run today.
It was one of those runs where it's sunny outside, there's actually a breeze (in August), and, according to St. John's marquis, it was 76 degrees.
It just ... felt really good.
My morning running route is a busy one. There's three churches and one Catholic school. A doctor's office. A grocery store/shopping center. A 7-Eleven. Taco Bell. Subdivisions of brick houses. A park. A convent. Rush Creek winds through it.
Headed West down the road from my house, just beyond the Kroger shopping center, is a huge house on land that is about two and a half lots large. They have two horses.
One is larger than the other. The top of the smaller one's head reaches to about the jaw of the big one. I imagine it's mother and child. The horses' small field abuts the park.

This morning, as I listened to my iPod and enjoyed the run, I glanced toward the field with horses. They were standing thisclose to each other, one almost leaning into the other. They were watching the people in the park.
That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I was overcome, really.
I just love it when I have a good run like this. Such clarity, peace. No pain in the knees!
Well, it was only three miles, but I guess that really means that I only have seven more to go for the Crim in Michigan this weekend!
I have so much to do between now and Friday morning...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I found him!

Who woulda thunk it?
Elvis Presley is living in a gated community in Roanoke,Texas!
Actually, it's long been rumored that The King was in the Lone Star State, just hanging out, taking care of business, and keepin' it real.
Speaking of TCB, I haven't been doing that lately with this blog. It seems forever since I posted anything -- yes, it has been ages, really. That's probably why I am discombobulated about everything in general. No outlet, so I'm back. Maybe blogging will get me back in sync.
So hello!

Back to Elvis...
The 30th anniversary of his "death" was last week. Sources spotted several Elvis look-alikes and movie characters at a recent party in North Texas.
Think young and old Elvis.
The cape. The gold suit.
Think "Viva Las Vegas."
Think "Harem Scarem."
Don't forget some tackiness thrown in, too...
It was a good rememberance of The King, even though he really couldn't make it.
He was likely TCB somewhere else.

What else have I been up to? Went to a roller derby bout this past weekend. Very fun and interesting, but that's another post...
In other news, I'm going to Michigan on Friday, this is Crim weekend!
I hear it's cool there. It is really hard to imagine taking a long sleeve shirt anywhere right now. It's only been in the upper 90s this week.
I hope I'm ready for the Crim. I haven't run as much as I should be, work is really kicking my ass, and there's been a lot of stuff going on in the other layers of my life.
No doubt, though, I am certainly ready to see the Michiganders and some cool weather!
So for those of you who have stopped by and shared thoughts about your journey, sorry I've been away.
For those nice thoughts, I say, in the words of The King:
Thankya. Thankyaverymuch.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Getting ready

I missed much of the meeting the other night on being a Team in Training mentor. I was working. New job but really the usual stuff that happens when you work for a daily newspaper.
I arrived right after the pep rally and pizza, just in time to break out into groups and talk about who does what and when. Blah.
So I had to get back into the picture archives and see what I might have missed.
My only experiences other than what we have done with the DFW Metro Running Team were in San Diego and the pasta and victory parties.
These folks were crazy excited for the participants.

I seriously felt like I was at my high school pep rally the time our basketball team made it to state. Electric. Exciting. Energizing.
It will be fun to capture that for others who are just about to make their decision and sign on the dotted line to raise money for LLS.
Frankly, the best part about being able to go through all the motions is to watch the others and their reactions, their changes. I know I changed.

Crazy, I think I can do that. Make up, colored, foil hair? That, too.
Just the chance to watch, listen and learn. Run. That's what I'm looking forward to.

Dr. Doogie "fixed" my other IT band issue. He says "run, what are you waiting for?" Thank God. I am waaaaayyyy behind training for the Crim.

No running today, however, up early to read all and every bit of news. The (new) inmate (me) will be running the asylum. My editor is off.