Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New post

Wow, it's been a long time.
Writing this now, I feel almost like going home.
When I blog, it's watering and feeding my soul.
Maybe that will help me over the hurdle before me right now?

I haven't been running because I injured an old/fresh injury doing the San Antonio Rock 'N Roll half marathon on Nov. 16. I'll see the doctor on Christmas Eve.

Blogging and running. It centers me and maybe that's why I'm off center right now.

Anyway, hopefully by the time someone stops by to read this blog I haven't updated in months, I'll have some new, fresh posts.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New shoes

I opted for a pair of new shoes. Introducing the Brooks women's Adrenaline GTS 8.
I can't wait to try them out!

Friday, August 15, 2008

What a job

My pal 5ksandcabernets has a great link to this story about measuring the Olympic marathon route.
Check this out.

rain and cool temps

Good thing I got the run in last night. It rained this morning.
Did you know that rollerskating for two hours feels like running a 10K?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


My foot still hurts.
Calves are sore.
My lower back is aching.
To hell with the doctors. I'm running anyway!
Cheers to good wine, Advil and exercise. The three usually do the trick anyway.
Motion is lotion, so I'm hitting the streets.
Three months to the San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon.
Yeah, I'm doing the half.
Since it's 17 weeks out from White Rock, maybe I can follow 5ksandcabernets' sked and pull off 26.2 before the year is up? Just as long as he doesn't make me run intervals at his speeds.
Dude, you run too fast!

Monday, July 07, 2008

You go, girl!

It's a great day when a 41-year-old woman sets a U. S. Olympic Swim Team record AND is going to the Olympics with a team that is at least half her age.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

He's not a baby anymore!

He looks like a bad ass, but he's just a big guy. With a big heart.
This is my sister Becky's baby boy.
He never smiled much as a little kid, unless he was up to something, or you stared at him long enough, then he'd turn bright red and blast you with a smile.
I remember seeing the top of his head quite a bit when he ran past me. Mischievious is a good word to describe him for most of his childhood.
He grew up. Today, he is in training to be a fireman.
Happy birthday, Philip!
Thanks for being a good boy, a great kid, and an awesome young man -- to your mom and dad, and the rest of your family. And especially, thanks for wanting to hang out with your Auntie Liz (you know, the one who gave you your first Starbucks experience). I love you very much and am very proud of the man you are becoming.
Now get in gear and send me some real pictures and ones that I don't have to steal off of your MySpace?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Boy, it's hot

Despite the fact that I still have planter's fasciitis, I did a 4-mile and change run-walk this morning.
I only limped for the last mile, but hey, no pain, no gain (I'm going to the running doctor next week).
The morning was good, but hot; I'm probably going to have to get the fuel belt out because one bottle of water just didn't cut it in the 80-plus degree heat at 8:30.
Gotta give a shout out to Billy Bob Joe Ray, the passenger in the blue Chevy pickup, who yelled something incoherent and threw a flip-flop at me as I ran this morning. Bet yer mamma taught you that, ya hillbilly fucker.

Have a nice day, y'all.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why I run (tagged a while back)

I have been, as military folks would say, AWOL. Life has been one big SNAFU lately (not sure why I am talking in acronyms)...
I've really been enjoying reading MotownRunnerGirl's blog lately. Welcome back! !Bienvenidos! It's about freaking time...
Anyway, I read her blog before I came to do her bidding (she tagged me again, this time so did 5ksandcabernets, both on the same thing).
Things have been a little hectic these past few weeks, so I try to remember a recent post of hers that began, "Good morning, It's so nice to be here!!"
Well, by the time you read this, I'll be sending those very vibes...
I've been looking forward to answering these questions about why I run. Let's begin:
1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago?
Nonexistent. I used to like to say that I only ran when chased.

2. What is your best and worst run/race experience?
Best: The feeling after completing my first full marathon the Rock 'N Roll Marathon in San Diego. It was, by far, the hardest thing, but also the best thing, I have ever done. I cried like a baby crossing the finish line. All that hard work, the training, the fundraising, the injuries. The time sucked (see below) but I finished and got my medal. Best overall time, the 2007 White Rock Half Marathon: 2:43.
Worst: The 2007 Austin Half Marathon and the introduction of the IT band issues I still have today. Also, the time for my first marathon: 6:57. UGH.
3. Why do you run?
Because I love to eat.
Because I am free and get an out-of-body experience when I reach the runner's high.
Because I want to live long and healthy and experience everything that life has to offer -- the good and the bad.

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice that you've been given about running?
Best: Get fitted for shoes.
Worst: It's OK to wear cotton. No, it really isn't.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.
I'm a freak on race day. I can't sleep the night before and generally can't eat very well, either, because I'm so nervous. I wake up at a horribly early hour, do a lot of pacing and I HAVE to shower before a race.

Here's how this one works: Answer five questions about your running on your own blog.
At the end of your blog post, tag five other people and post their names.
Go to their blogs and leave a comment telling them they've been tagged and to look at your blog for details. When they've answered the questions on their own blog, they come back to yours to tell you.

OK. I know very few runners who visit Circle30, including 5ksandcabernets, Motown and Christy ... so Christy, it's up to you.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fruit Loops and coffee

Sunday morning breakfast of champions.
I can't remember when I have just made coffee, poured myself some cereal (my childhood favorite), read the paper and just watched priceless reruns like 'Mad About You' in my pajamas.
It's a partly cloudy day, the wind is blowing, and the dog and cat are outside, sunning on the deck.
It's hard to decide which of us is having the better time today.

Monday, June 02, 2008

This is the week...

To decide on a running program.
To get my knees 'tweaked' by the doctor.
To sign up for the marathon in November.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Speaking of heroes

MotownRunnerGirl, my inspiration, is doing The Nation's Triathlon in September. It's her first tri. Go to her blog and click the link that says Click here to Save Lives. Or go here.
She'll be cycling, swimming and running, raising money for blood cancer research for Team in Training. Her honored hero is her cousin Kenito's wife, Daniela. You can read Daniela's story here.

Motown talked me into trying out running back in 2006. I never thought I could do it, run a half, much less a full marathon, but she kept telling me I could, so I guess I did.
So, readers of Circle30, check out her blog and her link. It's a good cause and your donations are tax deductible.

All of us, at one time or another, have been touched by cancer of all forms. Every little bit helps out. Hopefully one day every Team in Training participant will just be running for the fun of it, instead of trying to raise money to find cures for blood cancers.
Until then, as we say, "Saving Lives One Mile At A Time."
Good luck, Motown.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wanda Whompya and her Skates of Truth

When Staci left Dallas a few weeks ago, she took Wanda Whompya with her -- kicking and screaming, I hope.
Anyway, I promised readers of Circle30 that I'd continue the story of my friend Staci and how I became a HUGE roller derby fan again, and how Wanda Whompya and her Skates of Truth became my hero.
My love of roller derby isn't a new thing, really. I used to watch it with my dad when I was a kid. It was something he and I did together. We'd go to the wrestling matches at the Municipal Auditorium on Wednesday nights, and on Saturday nights, we'd watch a horror movie and then roller derby, without fail. (This was before I started driving and spending weekend nights out and about).
I met Staci after she moved to Dallas last year to work at my former newspaper. It wasn't long afterward that our core group of friends who hung out was introduced to Wanda Whompya. We started going to see her bouts. She skated for Assassination City Roller Derby. She was a Lone Star Assassin.
Today's derby is not like I remember it growing up. Girls in fishnet stockings, mini skirts, tattoos. Knee, elbow, wrist pads. Helmets. Mouth guards. Crowds of fans in attendance. BYOB as long as it's cans.
It's pretty sweet seeing girls on skates kick ass up close and personal. How I wish my dad could have been seated on the second row with me (because chances are good a rollergirl will knock your lights out if you sit on the first row) to watch Wanda. He'd be tickled, especially doing shots with her afterward at Lee Harvey's.
So Wanda and I got pretty close. She tried and tried to get me to try out for derby. I came close, I have a sweet pair of skates that rival my best running shoes. Two hours of skating feels like running a 10K! Rollerskating is great cross-training for runners, you just have to, like the ACDerby people say, watch your head -- and feet and knees and ankles and arms, etc.
Wanda's a tough broad who fights fair, watches your back and is as loyal as the day is long.
Kinda like Staci.
I'm not convinced this was really a relocation for Wanda. Or Staci. It's just a detour.
So Staci/Wanda gave me some goodies before they left Texas. There was a message in the bag.
Inside was purple fishnet stockings, a black skull bandanna, knee highs with guns blazing (ode to the LSA's), Band-Aids and candy roller derby girl cigarettes.
What might she be trying to say?!
Wanda, you're friends and fans will miss you. Derby won't be the same without you, and you won't be forgotten. I'm hoping you can come, visit and guest skate or something, have a Lee Harvey's burger, a shot of tequila and a Tecate.
I await word on your next team and vow to fly wherever I need to go to see you skate again.

Here's, rather, cheers, to Wanda Whompya and her Skates of Truth.
Oh, and take care of that bony shoulder.
xoxox, MUAH. :-*

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick catch up

A very busy Memorial Day weekend, folks.
Friday night: Flew into Denver, rented a car and drove to Florence, Colo., for a bachelorette party for my friend Paula, who is getting married at the end of June (wrote about this earlier).
Saturday: Whitewater rafting at Royal Gorge. Awesomely beautiful. The water was frigid, but it was one of the most fun things I have ever done.

We didn't lose anyone -- meaning, not one of the girls in the party fell out of the boats. We took up two of them.
Sunday: Drove to Denver and Evergreen, Colo. Evergreen looks just like it sounds.
Monday: Ran the Bolder Boulder 10K, then flew back to Texas Monday night.
Tuesday: Work. Sigh. I'm really sleepy.
It was great seeing the girls, though. We don't all live in the same cities, but it's nice to be able to catch up where we left off. We cleaned up pretty good, too, after a day of rafting Royal Gorge.
Notable: Nailed the time I thought I would for a leisurely 10K -- 1:30. That's good, considering that I haven't run since the Austin Half Marathon in February. My IT bands are sore, especially the Austin knee (right one).
It should be interesting since I've got my eyes on the San Antonio RnR marathon in November. My training should officially start...about right now!

QoD: What are you training for?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So long...for now

We had dinner and drinks tonight, and talked. ... This is someone who has become my friend -- one of my very best friends.
She's moving away this week.
I'm very sad. I want to acknowledge the moments we've shared.
Sorry, Staci, this is gonna be sappy...
You make me laugh, think, dream and allow me to chill in your presence.
You braved the cold in December to go cheer me on at the White Rock Half Marathon.
You match me drink for drink, and we enjoy TV, the couch and watching our dogs chill.
Niki will miss Skippy lots, and I will miss you more than you know.
You've brought me comfort and joy when I have and haven't needed it.

There was never any judgment, just the moment. From the beginning.
For readers of Circle30, more later on this. It's quite the story, and part of the journey.
But for now, I cry for the friend I'll miss, and just look forward for the times when we'll see each other and until then, my shot glass is empty until we fill it and toast again. To fun times, love. Always.
See. You. SOON.
I believe that.
xoxox, MUAH.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Third anniversary

May nineteenth is a big day.

Congratulations to Sarah, who celebrates three years as a breast cancer survivor today, May 19.

I'll never forget that day three years ago when we spoke on the phone after a friend called to break the news to me. I called Sarah, and all we could do was cry. What else do you do when you find out someone you love has cancer?
Well, Sarah's tough as nails.

We ran the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon together last year. I wore her name on my Team in Training bracelet as my hero.

Sarah, I hope where ever you are, you are thanking God and shaking your fists in the air in celebration of your life. Happy Breastfest III.

A different way to celebrate

As you can see, I'm trying to catch up on some blogging...
This weekend, I'll be attending a white-water rafting bachelorette party. My friend Paula is getting married next month. I am so glad she decided to do this instead of going to a strip club.
Seriously, how many half naked men does one need to look at and throw money at?
Anyway, here's to Paula and the girls who will be hitting the frigid Colorado water this weekend.
At least two of the about 12 of us are running the Bolder Boulder 10K on Monday.
That is if we aren't too sore. Or hung over!

That's Paula on the left. She's one of my 'girls.' We were doing what we do best -- shots -- during her last visit to Texas.

upcoming events

oh, before i forget...
i'm considering training for another marathon, this one in november in san antonio, my hometown. any TNTers going to do the inaugural rock 'n roll san antonio?
lets do it!
this might be my last full, as i'm thinking of making the change to cycling or -- drum roll -- triathlons.
god help me.

QoD: when we run, are we really running from something, or is that just me?

it's been a while

Greetings, Circle 30 visitors.
Lots going on lately, lots of change that I promise I'll write about this week.
Commenters to my last posting, thanks. Especially to anonymous, who made me think -- what am I running from?
Good question.
I'll have an answer later.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Free Association Thursday

Imagine the above image was one of those Yahoo emoticons -- you know, the one that is looking skeptically, with its chin in its hand, eyebrows arching in question mode?
That's how I feel right now.
Welcome to Free Association Thursday.
Chick Happy Hour. I went tonight, seeing that I'm recently single (really about a month). I went with Kelly and Michele. I've known Michele almost 20 years or so. ... It is a non-organized group of single gay women and some couples who are either trying to set their friends up (enter Kelly and Michele) or reconnecting with old friends or making new ones. I met some couples. We bonded over marathoning. All was good, I didn't meet anyone. Thankyouverymuch.
Vodka. Skyy. It's really the only one to drink if you know you are having several cocktails. I totally believe in the special distillation and how it really doesn't give me a headache. OK. I really only had four drinks, so I'm OK. Seriously.
Dykes vs. Femmes. No question or contest. Sporty femme. I love being a woman. Which is why I love women!
Getting physical. (Again, I didn't meet anyone tonight...I am glad. Not ready yet). I miss being sore, so I'm ready to start running again. Just two more days...
Roller derby. I am seriously thinking of changing my training to consist mostly of roller skating. I am going online to find some good pads, so I can actually try out at the end of the year. Big maybe.
Want a piece of me?! I really feel like I need to have the shit beat out of me right now, in some way. I almost feel like I need to be sore, like I-just-ran-20-miles-sore. Could it be thoughts of penance? God. I just typed penance.

QoD: I've been out for more than 20 years ... Who do you know that has just come out? Are you there for them?! You better be.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wednesday night

It was hump day, in every sense of the word.
Do you ever really think about the fourth day of the week (assuming Sunday is your first day)?
It was good.
Tuesday, a 'tag' sort of reawakened something in me. See this...
I spoke to Margarita and Marisa today.
But I spent this evening, drinking wine and having snacks, with Kevin.
We talked about running, our first marathons, how our bodies feel when we train, when we reach the runner's high.
It was a great evening at Zambrano's in downtown Fort Worth. He drank his cabernets, I drank the pinot noir.

P.S. I am going to run the San Antonio Rock 'N Roll Marathon on Nov. 16. Come do this full with me, someone?

QoD: Holy s@#t, do I really want to do another marathon??

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Six word memoir

OK. I was tagged by MotownRunnerGirl, via Blyfinn's blog, to play the "six word memoir" game. Here are the rules:

1) Write your own six word memoir
2) Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want
3) Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogosphere
4) Tag at least five more blogs with links
5) Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

"Life's short. Live in the moment!"

Now, I'm tagging Ty, Christy, Kevin, Anyone else who stops by and feels like posting their six word memoir/motto, please do so.

QoD: (Remember this?) Do you live in the moment?

Friday, March 07, 2008

Pic I promised

OK. Late with a post.
But until there's another one, here's Christy and I after the race.
My knees still hurt, by the way.

P.S. Ty, congrats on your new fabulous management job at Crate & Barrell. Just start running.
MUAH. :-*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The first-timer

Remember a few days ago I mentioned my friend, Christy (a.k.a. Running Into Myself or Runnerish) and that the Austin Half Marathon was her first event? Well read this, all about her first event.

I'm borrowing from MotownRunnerGirl, who let me post on hers before I started my blog.

Christy is awesome. She's got the classic runner's build. Several of us who know her have been waiting for her to break free. This was her chance to release the runner from within.

As soon as Christy e-mails me the pictures her fiance took of us before and after the race, one of us will post them.

Congratulations, Christy. YOU ROCK!

Hurts so good?

Ugh. There isn't a spot on my body that isn't sore right now.
Two days after the half marathon, I am still limping (that right IT band); my quads are still screaming (that last, all the Austin hills); my shins (it ain't the shoes); and my lower back (probably still sore from helping someone move and all the driving I did between North and Central Texas last week).

There's The Big D Marathon and Half Marathon on April 6 (Dallas, all you Detroiters). Thinking that I could probably do the half.

Thinking about this now, as I said, two days after the half marathon I just did, it put a shirt that I saw at the Expo last weekend into perspective:

Running is a mental sport...we are all insane.

As soon as I recharge my camera, I'll post a picture of the shirt. And the other pics I took in Austin. There aren't many, as the weather was nasty.

QoD: Is there such a thing as too many running events to participate in? (Paging Coach Ken)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shaved a bit

2:52.04. That's seven minutes better than last year. I'll take it!

Austin Half Marathon 2008

OK, folks. Go to, look for H549.
Hoping for better than 2:59.
The race starts at 7 a.m., Central time.
It's freaking cold right now.
It's one of those 'it's 42 degrees but feels like 39' days.
I am supposed to meet up with people this morning -- some TnT teammates and a former co-worker doing her first event (congrats, Christy, a.k.a. runnerish), but it might be a little dicey.
There's probably going to be 40,000 people at the corner of Congress and Cesar Chavez.
But the fireworks will send us off like they did last year, right, Motown?
I miss you this year, more than you could know, but maybe next year, you and Amy can be on either side of me as we cross the start together.
I'm still 100 percent sure we could never cross the finish together, but hey, we should try, right?
One mile at a time...
Go Team!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes, a post

Lordy, lordy. It's been a while.
This post comes to you live, from Austin, Texas. On Sunday, I'll do the half marathon here again, this time without MotownRunnerGirl. WAH!
Take a trip down memory lane to see what happened last year.
I'll post more on Saturday once I head to the Expo.
I think I'll cover it like a journalist!

QoD: Do we like the question of the day? Seriously?