Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The first-timer

Remember a few days ago I mentioned my friend, Christy (a.k.a. Running Into Myself or Runnerish) and that the Austin Half Marathon was her first event? Well read this, all about her first event.

I'm borrowing from MotownRunnerGirl, who let me post on hers before I started my blog.

Christy is awesome. She's got the classic runner's build. Several of us who know her have been waiting for her to break free. This was her chance to release the runner from within.

As soon as Christy e-mails me the pictures her fiance took of us before and after the race, one of us will post them.

Congratulations, Christy. YOU ROCK!

Hurts so good?

Ugh. There isn't a spot on my body that isn't sore right now.
Two days after the half marathon, I am still limping (that right IT band); my quads are still screaming (that last hill...no, all the Austin hills); my shins (it ain't the shoes); and my lower back (probably still sore from helping someone move and all the driving I did between North and Central Texas last week).

There's The Big D Marathon and Half Marathon on April 6 (Dallas, all you Detroiters). Thinking that I could probably do the half.

Thinking about this now, as I said, two days after the half marathon I just did, it put a shirt that I saw at the Expo last weekend into perspective:

Running is a mental sport...we are all insane.

As soon as I recharge my camera, I'll post a picture of the shirt. And the other pics I took in Austin. There aren't many, as the weather was nasty.

QoD: Is there such a thing as too many running events to participate in? (Paging Coach Ken)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shaved a bit

2:52.04. That's seven minutes better than last year. I'll take it!

Austin Half Marathon 2008

OK, folks. Go to www.attaustinmarathon.com, look for H549.
Hoping for better than 2:59.
The race starts at 7 a.m., Central time.
It's freaking cold right now.
It's one of those 'it's 42 degrees but feels like 39' days.
I am supposed to meet up with people this morning -- some TnT teammates and a former co-worker doing her first event (congrats, Christy, a.k.a. runnerish), but it might be a little dicey.
There's probably going to be 40,000 people at the corner of Congress and Cesar Chavez.
But the fireworks will send us off like they did last year, right, Motown?
I miss you this year, more than you could know, but maybe next year, you and Amy can be on either side of me as we cross the start together.
I'm still 100 percent sure we could never cross the finish together, but hey, we should try, right?
One mile at a time...
Go Team!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes, a post

Lordy, lordy. It's been a while.
This post comes to you live, from Austin, Texas. On Sunday, I'll do the half marathon here again, this time without MotownRunnerGirl. WAH!
Take a trip down memory lane to see what happened last year.
I'll post more on Saturday once I head to the Expo.
I think I'll cover it like a journalist!

QoD: Do we like the question of the day? Seriously?