Saturday, November 24, 2007

My first Trot

Hi friends!
Tell me that absence makes the heart grow fonder? I'm training again, so there will be lots of musings to write about.
The 40th Dallas Turkey Trot was Thursday. Yep, my first.
It was 38 degrees and windy.
My college buds Pam and Loretta talked me into doing the Trot with them and their daughter. Took my dog, Niki, who did the three miler with them and their dog, Snickers.
This was Niki's first event, and she did great!
Christy, aka Runnerish, ran with me, this was her longest mileage so far, as she's going to (hopefully) do the WR Half, too. Please register soon, C-Ro, will you? They are almost full.
I treated this as a dress rehearsal for the White Rock Half Marathon, which is in two weeks. A bit sore after the run. Did the 8 in just under two hours.
Afterward, Niki and I went with the girls to East Texas for a Thanksgiving feast with Pam and her family. We were surrounded by nature -- Zebras, Elk, Deer. This place used to be a nature preserve, so there were lots of animals just running free.
I'm thankful to be running free.

QoD (remember this?): How do you feel when you run free?

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Camille said...

Glad you race went well! In response to the QoD, I feel like my breathing is happening on its own, and like my feet aren't really moving. It's weird. I've heard it called runner's high.

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving!! I am in Guam and ran on the beach yesterday so that was nice. I hate when it gets cold b/c I cannot run outside. Thereby, I don't run too much until it warms again. Oh, it is Dec, how bout a post Liz?