Friday, February 09, 2007

another year

i had a really good birthday this year.
got birthday wishes from lots of people, thanks to my pal margarita who alerted our friends and hers. lots of hbd's from her blog buddies, who, like me frequent her blog.
went out to eat with my almost niece, cindy. we're exactly 10 years apart, sharing feb. 8 as we do. i'm, um, older.
got a really hip mirror, soaps and some lotion from macarena, a friend at work, and sarah gave me portable speakers for my ipod, with sammy's techno guidance.
i was very happy today. last thing i'll do before i go to bed is open and read my birthday card from my daddy and stepmom.
great, awesome day. but i miss my mom. she always, without fail, would describe to me in detail the day i was born. she did this every year until she died.
i also miss michael, my nephew.
mostly, i am so very grateful to be alive.


Sammy said...

Hey, I made the blog. Glad you liked the speakers. And I'm really glad you had a great birthday...

LoneStarCrank said...

I know what you're saying. My mom used to do the was always special and never got old, only more memorable as the years passed. Now I would give anything to have that again. Hang in there Liz. HB