Saturday, February 17, 2007

The eve

Well, it's tomorrow, the Austin Marathon!

Austin was beautiful today, in the 60s. Gives me hope that the race tomorrow is going to be pleasant.

My friend Margarita, aka MotownRunnerGirl, flew in last night. Unfortunately, her flight got delayed at D/FW because of East Coast weather, so she was in late. By the time we got settled and ready for sleep, it was 2 or so in the morning. Turns out she's got a bug -- either eating plane food, or it was motion sickness, which I totally understand, being someone who gets motion sickness easily. Anyway, she's had a time, and I feel for her. Comes all this way for a marathon and gets sick. She'll probably do just fine, afterall, this is her fifth marathon.

It's really great that she's here -- I told her it's her fault I enjoy running events now. It's kinda cool we get to do one together.

The city is packed full of people who are very athletic and healthy looking. The streets are crowded with cars and walkers -- and runners! Don't they know they should be tapering?

So this is my second half marathon. I haven't been training as well as I should have been, like I did for the White Rock Half, but I think I'll do OK. Jeez, I just want to finish and not take any longer than I did before. If I can best 3:09.27, I will be happy.

I am just happy my friend who unknowingly inspired this change that I've made in my life is here to do this with me. Here's hoping she fells better and can run without discomfort.

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Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

congrats on your time in the half marathon!! i read aobut it in margarita's blog. she's an inspiration to everyone!! =)