Friday, September 28, 2007


Sept. 22-28, 2007
SAYULITA, Nayarit, Mexico -- Ah.
Hola, amigos! Que bonita esta la playa aqui en Mexico!
Sorry, folks. Thinking and dreaming in Spanish for six days is a beautiful thing.
Brenda, Deb, Sarah and I have been staying in a really awesome house high above a village about 40 minutes due somewhere from Puerto Vallarta.
We helped Sarah celebrate her 52nd birthday on Monday (Sept. 24). The week has been full of great times, food and drink.

The four of us have noticed that the people of Sayulita love dogs. There are lots of them and they like to comb the beaches with the people. There are very few cats, and they seem to only come out at night.
What is great about this place is that there are mostly locals here -- they might not all be native Mexicans. They hail from somewhere, but they are locals now, and enjoy the same things we have this week:
Pico de gallo.
Salsa de tomatillos.
Fish tacos.
Did I say Margaritas? They are HUGE and carry a punch that not even I can handle. I had to, um, lay off of the tequila on Tuesday after having a few of these on the beach. The waves were amazing, too.
It has rained every night since we got here last Saturday, but today (Friday), it has rained all day long.
We fly back to Texas tomorrow. We're hoping for one more afternoon of sun (it ain't happening today) and one more blast of the sun Saturday morning to solidify the tans for the rest of the year.
So, ojale que viene el sol, amigos!


Amy said...

Thank heavens there is a post!! Glad you are having fun!!

Andrew Isaac said...

I was worried you werent blogging anymore...

looks like mexico was good times

TNTcoach Ken said...

I'm jealous..........

Runnerish said...

Haaay! Vacay!!

motownrunnergirl said...

who's runner-ish. that's a good name. tntcoach ken!!! you have not posted on my blog in a long time. i'm jealous!! i walked eight miles today and i'm sore. how could that be?? i hope that doesn't mean trouble for the freep next week...sigh...

motownrunnergirl said...

yeah, margaritas in puerto rico are different than the ones you get here too. they seem to be a lot more potent. not that i drink them a lot.

motownrunnergirl said...

i guess i'm going to go comment crazy today. hm. i feel blogchatty? blotty? blatty? blogatty?

liz said...

blogchatty? blotty? blatty? blogatty?
have you been drinking, motownrunnergirl?