Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ready to run

Pasta party is tonight. I am already in full race mode -- trying but not being successful in getting enough sleep or food.
As much as I like to carb load, I can't seem to clean my plate.
It's been heavily chronicled in this blog that last year I did this alone. No team or running partner, no one cheering in the crowds. I like to say it was just me and God, as it had been when I trained myself for this race last year.
This year, buddies Staci, Clay and Ian have said they'll be at mile 10, handing me my last bits of fuel that I don't have room for on my person, and hopefully some water or a beer. So nice of them, as the race officials have started issuing warnings about humidity, heat exhaustion and unseasonably freaked out weather that is expected tomorrow. We're hoping Chicago's curse doesn't hit Texas.
I am hoping for the right amounts of energy for tomorrow.
I'm psyched about the race. Lunch with Eric and Buckle yesterday before the Expo was just what I needed. We talked about our first events, how emotional they were for us and what that feeling at the start line in the middle of the crowd at race start is like.
Electric. The sights, sounds, smells, it's all just amazing.
Can't really describe it, but between that and MotownRunnerGirl's chronicling of my first event, I think it's safe to say:

"...I'm ready to run,
I'm ready to run,
I'm ready to run,
I'm ready to run...ready to run...
ready to run...yeah I'm ready to run. I'm ready
Whoa I'm ready to run...I'm ready...I'm ready to run...
I'm ready to run...I'm ready
Oh I'm ready to run..I'm ready."
--The Dixie Chicks (uh huh, also on my iPod):

QoD: What's your big challenge right now and are you ready to run with it?

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motownrunnergirl said...

run like the wind!!! and remember your motto per coach ken, "out of my way bitches!"