Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hurts so good?

Ugh. There isn't a spot on my body that isn't sore right now.
Two days after the half marathon, I am still limping (that right IT band); my quads are still screaming (that last hill...no, all the Austin hills); my shins (it ain't the shoes); and my lower back (probably still sore from helping someone move and all the driving I did between North and Central Texas last week).

There's The Big D Marathon and Half Marathon on April 6 (Dallas, all you Detroiters). Thinking that I could probably do the half.

Thinking about this now, as I said, two days after the half marathon I just did, it put a shirt that I saw at the Expo last weekend into perspective:

Running is a mental sport...we are all insane.

As soon as I recharge my camera, I'll post a picture of the shirt. And the other pics I took in Austin. There aren't many, as the weather was nasty.

QoD: Is there such a thing as too many running events to participate in? (Paging Coach Ken)


motownrunnergirl said...

yeah, where the heck is he???

Runnerish said...

Answer: Nope. Whatever your mind and body can handle.