Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can't forget

Someone once told me when I reached the point in marathon training that I thought I was nuts or couldn't go on any longer, to think of the heroes, past and present.
It surely was a way to put all of the will and pain in perspective.
I want to point out what I kind of refer to as the hands behind the back that gave me an added push during my race on Sunday.

Albert Latty. He was the father of a very good friend of mine. Yvonne lost her dad shortly before her first daughter was born. I couldn't be with or talk to Yvonne on her birthday because I was running a marathon that day. My present to her was having her dad's name on my back. She misses her father, but it's almost like she sees him every day because her little girl has his eyes.
Eileen Davidson. Her daughter, a former colleague of mine, is a national award-winning photojournalist. When Barbara heard that I was raising money for leukemia and lymphoma research, she gave me several photographs to auction for the cause, in memory of her mother who died about five months ago.
Vernon Zeigler. The father of one of my peer editors. Mr. Zeigler passed away a few months ago. Clay and I have a sarcastic, irreverent-type of relationship with each other. But in an e-mail he sent me before the race, he wowed me with this: "I'm taking you at your word that every little bit helps. For my little bit, I'm hoping you can run a few steps for Vernon Zeigler, who couldn't bear cancer a fourth time. My mother and I miss him."
Andy Isaac. I know this incredibly funny man only through a blog link at MotownRunnerGirl. He writes about his life, conversations with his father, politics, sports, Detroit Metro news, food and movies. He also talks about his fight with Hodgkins disease. Well, he just finished his last chemotherapy session last week!
I anxiously await what he's got to say about the upcoming Spurs-Cavaliers matchup. Although a diehard Pistons fan, Andy has said that the Spurs are the best team in the NBA with the best coach ... as has been posted earlier, I never forget a thing, so Andy, I will keep reminding you of that fact. Thanks for your musings, you freaking crack me up. Please continue.
This just in:
"...Our 48 North Texas TNT participants raised more than $182,000- when you combine all 3,920 TNTers in the event, we raised OVER $14.8 million this weekend alone in San Diego!!! I hope you enjoyed your event!"

Yeah, sure did.


motownrunnergirl said...

this is such a great page!

Ken said...

Good post. I think King James will be dethroned....

TNT Coach Ken

Andrew Isaac said...

awww shucks....thx Liz

Andrew Isaac said...

oh yeah, and the only way the Spurs lose a game in this series is if somehow Lebron gets to the line 25 in a game....actually, I can see the NBA pulling something like that...haha

The SPurs have two things that the Pistons dont which will ultimately destroy the cavs

-Two players who attack the rim with vengeance in Parker and Ginobli

-A true low post threat in Duncan

Thats what makes the Spurs a terrible matchup for the Cavs

Anonymous said...

Liz, I thank you with all my heart. Albert Latty loves you, his daughter sure does. His heart was as big as the universe! What an amazing tribute to his memory- Yvonne

Amy said...

For Tnters and anyone who knows someone who has endured this disease or lost someone to this disease, this is what reminds us why we raise the money, do the training, and love TNT. I personally will always be a Tnter and will return to participate as long as I can. Great blog entry. It would be great if someday we weren't needed.

Amy said...

Oh and the Cavs are my 2nd fave team so I have hope but yes, we all know the Spurs are awesome. We will see. The game is on now and the first two quarters have been pretty close so far. Long live King James.

motownrunnergirl said...

spuds?? who are these spuds you all speak of?

Amy said...

M, you need to get out more. No spuds. Spurs. Unfortunately, they hurt more than spuds.

motownrunnergirl said...

i've never been that much of a potato person

liz said...

the "spuds" are the ones who dethroned king james last night.

Amy said...

Minor technicalities Liz. They could be the Spuds if they were an Idaho team but I think they would need to be the steers or something in Texas...... or the Spurs. Hey, why didn't anyone think to call them the Spurs??