Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It won't stop raining!

It's coming down too hard to run in.
Sixteen days this month so far -- 10 inches, one inch away from a record set in June 1928. We were in a drought. Not anymore.
If you wanna read about how wet it's been in Texas, visit There, you can also watch video of the rushing waters at White Rock Lake.
Actually, it's been so bad that it made national news.
While I watched HBO last night, the Emergency Alert System actually interrupted the program to warn about evacuations in a neighboring county. On a cable channel. That's never happened before.
The entire state has been hit pretty hard lately. Eleven people have drowned in the past week and a half. Right now, 22 North Texas counties are under a flood warning. Thousands have been evacuated from their homes.
It's supposed to rain for at least another week.
I've replaced the batteries in my weather radio, and I'm watching the creek down the street.
So while I sat in my kitchen, sipping a vodka drink and listening to the raindrops hit my roof, I thought if anyone would have a song about rain and floods, the man in black would.
He did.

P.S.: Don't drive in low-water crossings. It doesn't take that much rushing water to pick up a vehicle.


Al Durham said...

Please send some rain my way. The grass crunches when you run in it becasue it is so dry due to the lack of rain.

Amy said...

I hear ya Al. Apparently, we have what they need and vice versa!!

motownrunnergirl said...

yo, we need a new post here!