Monday, May 19, 2008

A different way to celebrate

As you can see, I'm trying to catch up on some blogging...
This weekend, I'll be attending a white-water rafting bachelorette party. My friend Paula is getting married next month. I am so glad she decided to do this instead of going to a strip club.
Seriously, how many half naked men does one need to look at and throw money at?
Anyway, here's to Paula and the girls who will be hitting the frigid Colorado water this weekend.
At least two of the about 12 of us are running the Bolder Boulder 10K on Monday.
That is if we aren't too sore. Or hung over!

That's Paula on the left. She's one of my 'girls.' We were doing what we do best -- shots -- during her last visit to Texas.


motownrunnergirl said...

If there was a who had the most fun contest, you would win by a landslide.

liz said...