Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So long...for now

We had dinner and drinks tonight, and talked. ... This is someone who has become my friend -- one of my very best friends.
She's moving away this week.
I'm very sad. I want to acknowledge the moments we've shared.
Sorry, Staci, this is gonna be sappy...
You make me laugh, think, dream and allow me to chill in your presence.
You braved the cold in December to go cheer me on at the White Rock Half Marathon.
You match me drink for drink, and we enjoy TV, the couch and watching our dogs chill.
Niki will miss Skippy lots, and I will miss you more than you know.
You've brought me comfort and joy when I have and haven't needed it.

There was never any judgment, just the moment. From the beginning.
For readers of Circle30, more later on this. It's quite the story, and part of the journey.
But for now, I cry for the friend I'll miss, and just look forward for the times when we'll see each other and until then, my shot glass is empty until we fill it and toast again. To fun times, love. Always.
See. You. SOON.
I believe that.
xoxox, MUAH.


motownrunnergirl said...

awwww. have you been grinkin again??

Sammy said...

Don't cry, girls.

True true friends never let long distances come between them. They don't say "Goodbye," but instead "See you soon."

I watched as my daughter shed tears with her best friend as we left Maryland to go back to California this past winter. Between text messages, e-mail, video chat and even frequent flier miles from their daddies, they stay in constant contact with each other and will spend two weeks together this summer.

Some of my best friends in the whole world - people who I consider to be members of my extended family (including Miss Circle30 herself) live in different time zones. But we're still close and talk constantly.

Yes, we miss not seeing them everyday. But we never stop being part of their lives.

Right, Liz?

liz said...

That's absolutely right, Sammy. Absofreakinglutely!