Thursday, January 04, 2007

"From the kitchen to the Congress"

Nancy Pelosi made history today for all of us gals. The Gentlelady from California is third in line to be president. And she's a Democrat, a liberal, too.

She was elected by her entire party, unanimous, something that hadn't been done for a few speakers of the house in the past. That says a lot for a country and a government that has relegated this gender to No. 2 since the beginning.

I heard lots of people today say that they hope she "doesn't mess things up." Why have we not heard that comment for all of the men who have pounded that very same gavel decades before?

Some people made fun of the tea that she had the day before her election. It sounds a little more gentler than Washington is used to, but it's also a whole lot more civilized than having a drink in a dark room while smoking a cigar.

I hope she knocks their socks off with that gavel. She is a tough woman, that Madame Speaker of the House.

I watched a miniprofile broadcast about her a few weeks before the November elections. She made no apologies about what she thought America needed to do, especially with the war. "We're going to win," she said and give government back to the American people.

They did. We did. Just like she said.

You go girl!

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