Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Too much

If my dog isn't crashing, it's me.

It isn't necessarily work that is the culprit. Certainly not for Niki the dog, but for me, not so much, either.

It's the "things" that have come into my orbit lately. Suicide. Death. Not the same thing here, two different events, same result of course. Oh, the theft, too.

Sometimes I wonder how much an individual is expected to endure, and how long.
Actually, it isn't sometimes but all the time that I battle internally on that question.

Do we ever really get the answer?

If it weren't for friends and family, the wind, the hike, the music, faith. God, how could any of us really endure?

If you come upon this, comment please.



Anonymous said...

authentic sharing
from one soul to many
we all receive healing
pain is released
although it seems like too
much, you will look back
some day, with twinkles
of hopes, burning your eyes

Anonymous said...

endure and you shall reap the rewards. shoulders are strong. friends, like you describe in other posts, are the answer.