Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hello spring!

I drove home from San Antonio on Sunday and the highway was lined with these most beautiful bluebonnets.
They weren't quite as vibrant as this photograph, but just wait until April after a couple of weeks of good rain.
My IT band issue on my left knee is gone (I think so, really). I am easing back into my normal routine, but adding a little extra TnT mileage I need to catch up on.
Today, I ran two, walked two, and it didn't hurt! Eight miles this week so far.

So bluebonnets and wildflowers are my favorite things about spring. Oh, and solid chocolate bunnies, too.
What say you?


Sarah said...

We can shoot a lot of photos of those beautiful blue wildflowers when we drive down 281 to San Antonio next week. That is, if you'll stop(!).

MotownRunnerGirl said...

I love Jim Halpert. That's what I say!

Tracy said...

I prefer hollow chocolate bunnies... and I love crocus, tulips, and creeping flox...

Sarah said...

I have one word: