Monday, March 26, 2007

Cross- training

OK. No running on Sunday, but do you know how long it took me to do the lawn yesterday?
Four hours. It was a great workout because I am sore in lots of places that I haven't been since I started running.

It had gotten to the point that one could no longer say I was trying to create a Native Texas Garden. No "wildflowers" there, just weeds. Crappy and out of control.
With spring in full force, I had to do something. I had to be a good neighbor and clean up the freaking lawn already!
It's funny, my neighbors on either side mowed right after I did. People across the street, too. At least we will all have groomed lawns together.
I had to rid the yard of the overgrowth the old fashioned way at times -- pulling -- and also I used a nifty device called a Weed Hound. Check it out at Home Depot...
It's kind of funny, none of the other women on the block do yard work. I don't know why they won't help the guys. Not even sweeping or picking up.

My Mom used to love yard work. I remember her using a push mower just because she liked the extra workout it provided. That memory came to me yesterday as I was mowing. Doing the yard is fun for me now.
It was good to work outside, feel the rays of the sun and slight wind and listen to the birds on Mom's birthday. It was sweet...
So I'm on vacation this week. I will spend my mornings here, drinking coffee, reading the paper and surfing the Net.

No doubt, it's my favorite spot in the back yard, day or night, any season.
The red-tipped photinias provide just the right amount of shade and privacy, which is good for having bloody mary mornings in the middle of the week. :-D


Sarah said...

I love that deck. Always have. Always will. Probably the best thing we added to the house, yes?

MotownRunnerGirl said...

nice house!

i got made fun of at work yesterday when writing about the Tigers i called the field 'the lawn.''

i guess editors ARE a good thing....