Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crafts for a cure?

We ended Wednesday night run at New York Pizza as usual, but last night, we had craft night, too.
It's amazing how much dexterity one needs to take small rings, pull them apart and slide beads and shapes on them and make sure the rings close without looking too jacked up (some of the beads were hard to get on, had to get a little rough with it).

My Team in Training group made this little jewelry thingies with beads for the stems on wineglasses for our big wine tasting and silent auction March 30. One of the mentors brought beer to, um, motivate us a little.
It's a BYOB place because that part of Dallas County is dry. Geez, I can't believe that stuff still goes on. Freaking hick-ass...just saying.
Anyway, the people who run this place are really good to us. They let us pull together tables, let us stay as long as we want/need to.
The owner even poured me a glass of Skyy Vodka when he heard me say I needed a drink. It was free -- and enough for two drinks...I mixed it with some Sierra Mist.

His inspiration worked, I actually made a dozen or so of those jewelry thingies. We actually need about 700 of them...Ugh, as Amy would say.
How'd I do?
Not bad for a first-timer, but I'm keeping my day job, for sure.


tntcoach Ken said...

Hmmmmmm, wine thingies.....You can never have too many.

MotownRunnerGirl said...

i love the word hick-ass