Sunday, April 22, 2007

Didn't feel like Sunday

Ten today, 10.
I felt everything, from my knees down, for the first hour. It's like a pre- warm-up ache, I guess.
Gray overcast with a tinge of blue, a little wind, was with me the whole way. It went from blah to sunny and 74 degrees. That was nice, the last hour of my run. I didn't hurt so bad then.
New toy: Nike Sport Armband for iPod nano. No more flying out of the little holder thing and onto the pavement (like my phone) anymore. Poor little pink. My iPod doesn't get sweaty with this thing, either. Sweet.

Oh, I bought another watch, this time the right one -- two interval timers. It's lavender.
I'm not really sure if I am going to like that huge tan line around my arm, though. I got some sun today.
What joy, a shower, some food and Advil.
Discovery: Target has running clothes.
Reality: I have to get back on schedule, so that means three miles Monday morning, 3. But should I do it the day after running 10?? Ow.
I can't seem to catch up right now, with this and the rest of my life.


MotownRunnerGirl said...

gadgets are cool. i planted pansies this weekend! i love when there's color out front. have a great week. run well. rent some running movies. if you were a dork like me you would rent chariots of fire.

liz said...

well, that's not the running movie i had in mind, but i will consider. i haven't seen it in ages anyway.
dork. : )

Andrew Isaac said...


what paper do you write for? Is there a way I can look up your articles