Friday, April 13, 2007


ok. so this isn't a running blog, but i have to talk about this.
i am behind in my training because i had this upper respiratory thing.

i couldn't run too much because i'd have to stop and hack too much. oh yeah, hard to breathe, too.
then my knee -- my IT band is restless again. ice, heat, advil.
i should be doing 17 miles this saturday but my coach said no more that 14-15.
seems i am always trying to catch up.
i have a marathon in less than two months.
yeah, i'm kinda scared.
oh, it's friday the 13th. stay away from ladders, cracks, and generally bad-seed looking people.


MotownRunnerGirl said...

sorry about your knee. make sure you ice and take advil.

MotownRunnerGirl said...

so what's your excuse for slacking on blogging??? did your computer fall in a lake??

Ken said...

Just think of it as peaking at the right time, you're not behind!!! If your schedule permits, you could try to get your long run in using twice-a days.

TNT Coach Ken

Sammy said...

did you notice that you had an "ouch" blog entry on Friday the 13th? Hmmmm...