Friday, April 27, 2007

New do

It was a long winter, and Niki was glad to have her beautiful black and white coat.
As messed up as the weather has been, it was necessary to delay her summer shave.
Here's what she looked like before:

I picked her up from the vet Thursday afternoon and she was very frisky. Got her home and she immediately went out to the backyard to tell all other neighborhood dogs of her adventure to the vet.

That evening, after Stevie Ray (demon psycho cat from hell) forgave her for being gone all day, they connived about what they might do if left on their own.
Based upon this pic, they are planning the big escape. True partners in crime, they are, my black and whites.


Al Durham said...

That is cool that your dog and your cat are buddies. That is rare to see that.

MotownRunnerGirl said...

sorry i don't have much to say about doggie haircuts. i heard somewhere that dog hair is good to keep them warm and also keep them cool. is this true? i would love to give benny a super haircut like yours but i feel he wouldn't look as attractive. he's like one big poof ball.