Thursday, April 19, 2007

Road to 26.2

Things get different just beyond 13.1
I'm not talking about pain as much as the system -- how everything settles, comes up, down, and even, um, out, during a long run.
I did my first long one last Saturday. Fifteen and a half, in 3:36. I also had to take three pit stops.

I've got cargo now, too. Used to just be the iPod, but now, I have a mobile station to wear around my waist to carry the load:
=>iPod. A pleasure, really.
=>Shot Bloks. Apparently you need to eat and drink while running long distances. I hadn't done that in preparation for or during a half marathon. Just drank at the stations. The bloks are tasty, though. Remind me of gummy bears. Strawberry and cran-raspberry are yummy.
=>Goo. Yuck. I am having texture issues.

Three. It's the magic number.
Three Shot Bloks every three miles. I have to remind myself to do that. (I know, there are only two shown here).

I sure hope that Advil really doesn't kill livers or stop hearts. I take three liquicaps three times a day with an ice pack chaser in the evenings for my knee.

=>Water. A Gatorade mix is OK, but I like the water with blue Powerade combo better. That's what I think I'm getting used to.
In a disturbing twist, I am suddenly paying more attention to portapotties, specifically their locations. I plot to find the pot.
Mentally speaking, I find the quiet gets more intense, the music more beautiful beyond 13.1
That is something to look forward to the farther I go.
I have never really understood the word push, but I am definitely learning what it means on this road toward 26.2.


Andrew Isaac said...

i just realized you're a spurs fan...I wont hold it against you

MotownRunnerGirl said...

ok, so, i love those blocks, they are tasty and delicious and give you energy. i will never again run with one of those belts. they're annoying and jiggly. i'd rather die of thirst. well, not really. i'd rather run alongside you and ask you for a sip of water. the ipod. i love ipods...

liz said...

seriously, andy, who can't like tim duncan?

Al Durham said...

All hail Advil! Did I say that outloud? Nice blog Liz - I have to credit out good freind M for telling me about it.

liz said...

welcome to circle30, al! visit early and often.