Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting ready to spring forward

I am so glad that spring is here. My Bradford Pear is blooming, and it's gorgeous!
Of course, spring means that soon, I will be blogging about how I wish it would stop raining, and how I am taking cover from tornadoes, etc., but I'll wait until that happens before I start to complain.

Although we will lose an hour tomorrow, I can really get into my favorite part of the day, working out between 7-8 a.m.
Today, I did a new walking route -- I chose to stay on the right side of the road (sidewalk) going with traffic so that I wouldn't have to stop too much along the way for the streetlights. I went through neighborhoods and watched all the kids playing in the street. They were on inline skates, quad skates, skateboards, playing street hockey, riding their bikes.
It reminded me of my neighborhood growing up, except my current neighborhood is very multicultural. I grew up in a Latino neighborhood, and I live in Ground Zero of the Rainbow Coalition. It makes me smile when I see all the kids playing together.
So the route was 45 minutes, except I found another way I can go to give myself the extra 15 minutes to do the complete 4 miles.
But 3.5 isn't bad. And I think I am in love with my shoes.
Support this morning provided by Gloria Estefan, U2, Robin S, Modest Mouse, Bruce Springsteen, Howie Day, Madonna. Gracias a todos.
Have a great weekend. 


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MaggieWags said...

Madonna and U2 are the BEST running partners.

Amy and I got together yesterday. The only one missing was you!

I'm including this wonderful rain song here for you -- makes you appreciate those dark, wet days.