Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday's workout

So Monday was a great day in Dallas-Fort Worth. It was just the right weather in the morning -- 50s, and when I hit my new path -- a four-mile stretch roundtrip that takes me an hour -- and began with left turns.
Going through neighboring subdivisions is good because there isn't a whole lot of traffic and no big stops to make to wait for the cars to fly through.
My intense walk of four miles in one hour left me appropriately tight in the legs and thighs, which is a great way to start back up.
I have to stay away from kicking myself about how I let that PF get me out of shape again. As the doctor said, there's always the gym, and he's right. I've been paying for months and not going.
But there's something about the road and the iPod that can't be duplicated on a treadmill or an excercise bike.
I move forward, inching my way toward the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Marathon and the half, in November.

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