Friday, March 05, 2010

'...oh, we're halfway there...'

The week of starting over was not really complete-- I still haven't tried my new shoes.
Part of the routine is finding the balance between work and personal. This was a week of 10 or 11- hour days, and this morning, it was fog from a dose of cherry Tussin cough syrup with codeine.
So let's see: food intake wasn't bad -- lots of fruit, veggies, proteins, scheduled snacks, limited alcohol. No greasy fast foods.
Sleep-- not so good. I realize I do need 8 hours. I stay up too late. Gotta change that. I work out best between 7-8 a.m.
I can think about it, write it down and get ready for it, but until I live it, really totally, I'm just halfway there.
I am hearing Bon Jovi in my head.
Halfway is better than nothing, today that's how I feel.
I'm living on a prayer, lots of them.
So next week will and can only be better.


MaggieWags said...

Rest, IMHO, is more important than exercise.

You are getting your mind and body ready!! IJS

MaggieWags said...

Nice shoosies

Stella said...

You can do it, Liz!