Thursday, August 26, 2010

This just in...

Ah, pings and clicks, how I love thee.
"Ping" is the sound when the e-mail goes off on the iPhone, alerting new mail.
"Click" is the sound the screen button should make when one checks mail or applies online for jobs. Both have led to two job opportunities, today!
I will begin a fill-in editing job on The Dallas Morning News Metro Desk on Sept. 13, lasting at the very least four weeks, at the most maybe three months. So grateful.
Plus, friends at have hooked me up for some freelancing possibilities.
These are very nice detours on the journey to the next job.
Networking all these years is paying off with job tips and well wishes filled with love and care from friends.
So far, five jobs applied for in print, radio broadcast and wire services.
There's really a lot more out there in journalism than I thought.
Friday will be two weeks since the layoff; I remain optimistic, especially with at least three months of guaranteed work secured.

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