Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unemployment, Day Two

The pets are confused.
Niki the dog is happy, of course, because her person is home and she doesn't have to worry about when she'll be home, but Stevie the cat is suspicious.

On today's agenda: Apply for jobs, return emails to concerned colleagues and friends, and sift through tons of job leads from those same wonderful people.
Even my niece sent me a job lead at USAA in San Antonio. 
I applied for unemployment benefits for the first time ever yesterday, that was a trip.
As I ponder unemployment and how long I might be this way, things are starting to fall apart in the house. The living room ceiling fan is broken, there are cracked tiles in the entry way, and the tree out front needs to be chopped down because is slopes closer to the house each summer. Cha-ching, dammit. Man!

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Mrs. Mimikins Landin said...

Love your new layout!! Hang in there, AL. We love you.