Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cheers to North Trails

Tonight we toasted our teammates who will run the North Trails Half Marathon in Dallas this Sunday.

It was supposed to be my TNT event until I was persuaded at the Austin Half Marathon by my mentor Maria and MotownRunnerGirl (other, unofficial mentor) that I should just do a full marathon. So I switched.

So Wednesday night run... We went to our usual New York Pizza and Pasta. Lots of us tonight! I had a slice of pizza, salad, a Shiner Bock and a piece of chocolate cake that Jennifer made to help celebrate.
Our captain, Laura, gave the North Trails runners these inspirational cards that had a safety pin with seven colored rings attached. The card talked a little about the journey for the runner and explained what each color on the pin meant.
They are really kind of cool. I can't wait until I get mine in a few weeks.
Ha! In a few weeks .... It seems really amazing to think of it now as just a few weeks away.
Well, first things first. Congrats and good luck to everyone I trained with in preparation for North Trails and San Diego! A shoutout to the girls I started with: Shannon, Cindy, Deb, Kelly, Maria and Brandy.
I'll do my 10 miles on Saturday and I'll be cheering and doing karaoke at mile six with Jennifer, Kim, Laura and Terry on Sunday for you guys.
Go Team!

P.S. The ankle is better. Four miles tonight, nothing hurts really bad, just a little sore.
Eighteen (18) days until SD.


MotownRunnerGirl said...
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MotownRunnerGirl said...

awesome. look at you.

btw, jaslene, the puertorrican girl, won america's next top model last night.

i'm just telling you cuz you weren't able to watch, going out to eat pizza and all that.

Al Durham said...

18 days!! Holy cow! You will do great.

Andrew Isaac said...

glad to hear the ankle is better

MotownRunnerGirl said...

People, send money to Liz if you have some!! She's $400 away from TNT goal!!