Monday, May 21, 2007

They finished

It was awesome. Everyone finished the North Trails Half Marathon, lots of IT band injuries, though. Not sure what that is about, but Shannon, Jenny and Deb limped their way to their own personal victories.
We cheered at mile six, gave out Jell-o shots (with Gatorade to the runners) and we did a few, um, adult shots of our own while we waited ; ) did karaoke and just pumped out some loud music from our station.
Congrats to everyone, especially Deb, whose knee started giving her hell at mile two, but she finished for Kelly's son, Ethan, in remission.
Heroes all.
Here's some photos of the day. A very long, wonderful day Sunday in Dallas, partly cloudy and about 75 degrees for the race.


Ken said...

Glad to hear that the Purple people did great. That's weird about the IT problems, since it isn't contagious!!!

TNT Coach Ken

liz said...

i know, isn't that weird?

MotownRunnerGirl said...

andy's blog is making me die of laughter today...