Saturday, May 19, 2007

My hero

Two years ago today, Sarah was told she had breast cancer. Stage 2, aggressive.
Saying it was the worst day of my life is an understatement to what she went through, as well as her family and friends.
Chemo. Surgery. Radiation. In that order. Awful.
She's a fighter, no doubt. The doctors told her that had she not been in such good shape from years of running, she'd likely have had a different outcome.
Since that dark day, her sister and her dad can also say they are survivors as well. Too much for one family, but cancer does that.
Needless to say, it's been a rough few years, eh?
I thank God and Mother Mary for her strength and faith. Family and friends, too. Sarah has will like no other, one in many wonderfully brilliant traits she posseses. And I think that helped save her.
So today, Sarah's got her toes in the sand at Galveston Beach. She's with her posse of great pals -- our great pals -- and I'm wishing I was there, in the middle of it all, running barefoot on the beach, sipping cocktails with Sarah, Brenda, Deb, Melissa, Lafontaine and Sheila, too, can't forget her! We'd be having a bonfire on the beach and Lafontaine and I would be playing guitars.
Next year and always. Promise.
Sarah, come back tanned, rested and ready to go. We'll run the San Diego Marathon in 15 days!


Sarah said...

You were with us the whole weekend, Liz. Just as you were with me last year and the year before that, when you spoke to me soon after I heard the news.
You are always in my heart.

Andrew Isaac said...

congrats Sarah....refreshing to hear stories such as yours

dizzyspell said...

We missed you!! Especially Shiela! Hope to see you around more. Sarah had a great time as did we all. kisses to u Liz, take care and be careful in San Diego