Friday, May 11, 2007

Dress rehearsal

It's nearly curtain call.
Twenty miles Saturday.
Coach Neil said to act like it was marathon day. Wear, eat and drink the same things as if it was. That way we'd know if something isn't going to work and we can adjust.
So tonight I had a little pasta with marinara sauce and a naked meatball on the side with Italian bread and water.
I have a mixture of shot bloks, gu and gel to carry on the belt for the run. Also taking some Gatorade Fierce grape, blue Powerade and two waters.
Shorts. Socks. I know exactly which foundation garment to wear.
The iPod.
Raisin bagel and banana in the morning. Sugar free Red Bull.
Eric said that after the 20, there's just six more. Funny.
I'm nervous. I've got my freak on about this, but I have everything together.
I will finish it, take a nap and then go to work (election night).


MotownRunnerGirl said...

go liz!!! keep on keeping on!!!! dig deep and have fun with it!!! it's good you are nervous. what you are about to do is hard. you need to respect it. you also need to demolish it. you rock girlie.

Al Durham said...

20 miles! 20 miles! Welcome to the promised land. I hope that it went well.